Conference Theme

Technology and Pedagogy in E-Learning

Relevant Topics

  • E-Learning in professional and continuing education
  • The use of MOOCs in teaching and learning
  • Blended learning and flipped classrooms
  • Coding and education
  • Engaging students in globally connected classrooms
  • Digital citizenship and e-learning
  • E-Book publication and publishers
  • E-Learning and libraries
  • Disciplinary studies and e-learning
  • Chinese subjects and e-learning
  • Teaching language through e-learning
  • Quality assurance in e-learning
  • The changing role of teachers in the globalization of technology

 Conference Language

The conference will be conducted in English.

Papers submitted for presentation should be in English. Papers in Chinese will also be considered, and should be submitted together with paper titles and abstracts in English. Accepted papers in Chinese will be presented in Mandarin Chinese.

Conference Publication

Accepted papers will be included in the Conference proceedings.